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The Art of Entertaining: Hosting Lavish Dinner Parties at Home

Whenever you throw a dinner party, one of the guests cancels at the last minute, there is an awkward conversation, and something always burns. You make a couple of lemon centerpieces and you drag out your grandmother’s silverware and hope that everyone thinks of your style as subtle and elegant. Imagine sitting around a flawlessly decorated table, enjoying witty banter, and a delicious meal of gourmet foods. You may believe that this only happens in the movies. However, throwing a lavish dinner party at home is easier than you may think. Learning how to throw the consummate dinner takes time and practice. However, there are a few tricks to hosting an elegant and memorable party. The Main Ingredients of a Great Dinner Party Ultimately, your dinner party will be a success if your dinner guest’s needs are met. If they are enjoying themselves, your party will be a hit. You must first decide if your dinner party will be formal or informal. You should also decide who will be on the gues

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