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Zero- waste products

Conservation, zero waste and sustainability—OH MY! Talk of climate change and the amount of waste we create has fostered a level of fear, much like what Dorothy experienced during the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. But rather than worrying about lions, tigers, and bears, the stakes seem even greater given the fact that we are not only concerned with saving ourselves, but the planet we share with billions of others. Realistically speaking, there is little chance that we will ever be able to live completely waste-free. That said, there are many ways in key parts of our homes and lives, where we can get as close as possible to zero- waste status. Conserving in The Kitchen We spend a good deal of time in our kitchens, cooking, cleaning, and preparing meals. And considering how much garbage we dispose of while performing these tasks, perhaps we ought do things a little differently when we are in the kitchen. Create a composting system in which food waste is used as a nu

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